Welcome to Camping Club Léman

The Camping Club Léman (CCL) is a small private naturist campsite, located in Switzerland a few kilometers from Lausanne and near Lake Geneva. Our naturist site is affiliated to the Union Naturiste Suisse (UNS) and the International Naturiste Federation (INF).

For the 2019 season, the campsite will be open every week-end and public holidays between 11.05.2019 (Mother’s Day weekend) until 16.09.2019 (Monday of the federal fast) and every day between July 7 and August 26.



The CCL was created in 1955 by a small group of naturists who were looking for land. They find a marshy location along the Venoge River near the shores of Lake Geneva, which they set up with toilets, a refreshment bar, a club house, a community kitchen and a dormitory. A large pool will be added to the multiple sports facilities that the CCL has. The CCL privileges the families and it is the members who take care of the ground voluntarily, whether for the reception of the visitors, the various works, the sports activities or the holding of the bar. We currently have about 240 members including a good number of children and teenagers who actively participate in the club’s life by organizing theme nights and sports tournaments for young and old.

A dynamic campsite

A big space

The land of the CCL occupies an area of more than 17,000 m2 at the mouth of the Venoge. This area has, over time, built 32 bungalows and 72 caravan sites. All these facilities are occupied by the full members of the Club. Many sites for tents, caravans and mobile home visitors are also available.

A friendly atmosphere

Since all members have known each other for a long time, a friendly atmosphere reigns over the Club. Several events (aperitifs, improvised meals, birthdays) are organized punctually by some members to share the drink or the plate of the friendship. In addition, a monthly aperitif, from the opening until the closing, is organized by the Club for all members of the CCL, which allows to quickly integrate the new members.

Accessible all year long

Although the Club is accessible all year round by its members, it is hardly possible to indulge in the joys of naturism during the winter season in our latitudes. Many members, however, visit the Club during the off-season to do minor work on their sites or to participate in the work days organized by the Club to maintain the grounds and its common facilities.

The lake / The swimming pool

Although the lake is nearby, it is accessible only by leaving the Club, with the disadvantages that entails. However, it is very convenient to indulge in different aquatic activities for those feeling a sporting soul. However, the Club has a pool of good size, whose surroundings have been fully refurbished in early 2016.

Free Wifi

The Club has a WiFi installation that irrigates the entire grounds as well as the interior of the house commonly known as “pagoda” because of the particular shape of the roof overlooking the great hall. This installation, although minimalist, allows members and visitors to connect to the Internet at any time. This connection is also completely free and unlimited.

Fun spaces

On the ground are several play areas, for adults and children, allowing them to flourish in a play area with a large sandbox and their elders to sweat playing volleyball, ping -pong or bowling, 4 courts are available to fans of “thrown” and “pointed ».