August 3, 2019


until 3 am

Come play with us


1st of August 2019

Swiss national day

Here is a little information on the festivities of our national holiday:

Meal from 1st August 2019, from 12:00 at the Pagoda

Roast pork, 2 sauces to choose from

Take with his accompaniment and / or salad, bread, etc.

Dishes and cutlery included (CCL)

Price per adult only CHF 10.00

Price per child only CHF 5.00

Compulsory registration at the Pagoda on the list
until July 30 at 6 pm at the latest!

Information: Cédric or Muriel




New to the club

Electric lawn mower

The all-new electric mower
makes it easy for everyone to mow the lawn
around the locations
Electric model with battery (without electric wire to be deployed)
Small, light, handy for everyone …
mowing becomes child’s play!


Excellent idea !

A good soul thought to install
in front of the pool entrance a
“glasses box”

Wonderful and thank you from all glasses wearers!





Every Sunday enjoy participating in AQUAGYM in our beautiful swimming pool.

At 1000 hours of the morning …

until August 18, 2019!

Free animation accessible to all and at any level of fitness!


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